Get coaching from start to finish line

Let me start by saying – Thank You – for downloading our 1 year Ironman Training plan.

Myself & the team admire your commitment to your Ironman Journey and can’t wait to support you along the way.

For some, the plan itself is enough. Others, need or want that little bit extra – more detailed workouts, and direct coaching access.

I’ve been working with our current membership for months to develop a more in depth and interactive version of our training plan available online, and on iOS & Android as well as discussing what some additional 1 on 1 coaching may look like.

With every new journey, come questions. Some are obvious (how far should you run/swim/bike), some are not (what angle should my saddle be for optimal comfort in aero position?).

Direct coaching access gets you answers to those questions unique and specific to you, when you need them.

How will you talk to your coach?

Really there are 3 common methods:

  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Within the FinalSurge™ app itself (more on that below)

All have a 24-48 hour response period, which is really just a safe bet, 90%+ of the time, you get an answer within an hour, if not minutes.

There are no restrictions (one email per month, etc.) – just send a question when you have it, and get an answer.

We didn’t want this to be any more complicated than that!

Myself and the team will be here for you for whatever you need, when you need it, to help make your unique Ironman®/Triathlon journey special, and most importantly, successful!

Who is your coach?

Simple, me 🙂 Josh Muskin.

I helped to create this plan along with the help of collegiate, championship swimmers, USA national team bikers and Boston Marathon runners.

Having personally gone through the plan, as well as having now helped over 2,000 other athletes do the same, I look forward to helping you along your journey as well!

To help make coaching more impactful, we’ve partnered with FinalSurge™

FinalSurge is a platform available on the web, iOS and Android devices.

It has allowed us to build out the 40 week Ironman Training Plan in great detail – and put it in a place where you can access it on the go.

We focused on 3 main items when building out this more advanced plan:

  1. On-the-go access to the plan
  2. Additional workout detail and workout types (tempo, interval, etc.)
  3. Ability to get coaching & feedback at the workout level

Access the plan wherever you go

FinalSurge exists both at and as a native app to iOS & Android – meaning, you can access the plan from just about anywhere that you have internet.

The plan will be pre-populated into a calendar for you based on either an end date (likely the date of your race) or a start date.

After inputting either of those, your calendar gets filled out with all 400+ workouts/notes at their appropriate times:

Need to move a workout around? No problem – it’s as simple as clicking & dragging to another day/time – making rescheduling a thing or two very easy.

The app also displays your days/workouts in a calendar fashion – as shown below:

More detail to give you better workouts

For many folks, simple time and distance measurements for the workouts was just fine.

Even so, we wanted to add more – in the event that you’re ready/craving that extra challenge.

With that goal in mind, we added specific workout notes to all 400+ workouts across the plan (including some notes at the beginning of each phase).

For example, there have been different types of workouts introduced like tempo runs, interval bikes, etc. All of which contain notes such as the ones shown below:

We also noted target RPE (rate of perceived exertion) to give you a sense of how hard you should be working.

RPE 1 = sitting on the couch, RPE 10 = hyperventilating after a full out sprint.

This can give you a sense of how fast/hard you should go on any given workout to get the proper training stimulus.

Get feedback at the workout level

I have to admit, this might be my favorite part of the app, and the main reason we chose to pair it with individualized coaching.

When you record an activity (swim, run, bike, weight training) there is a portion within the app/web login where you can comment on that workout.

For example, you could say “wow, this felt much harder than I thought… I wonder why that would be? Had a hard time controlling my heart rate”.

That comment – triggers a notification to me – where I can click through, see your comment, and your workout data, and relay an answer such as “Looks like you attacked the flats right after some hard hills a little too hard. Use those segments to rest/relax and pull your pulse rate back down – that way you can reset and be ready for the next one”.

The notifications of comments get pushed directly to your phone (if you have the app installed) and can be emailed to you via the webapp if you’d prefer.

That way we don’t miss a beat.

How to subscribe, and what’s included?

All you need to do to subscribe is complete the form below. (All payments processed through Credit Card with Stripe).

This form grants you a login where you can manage your subscription/payment method at any time.

There’s no long term commitment here, if this isn’t what you hoped, just cancel – no questions asked.

Included in the subscription is access to the plan through FinalSurge, and access to the workout-specific-coaching features.

As the subscription base grows, and more and more of you are training for similar races, we can make sub teams by race – so you can stay closely aligned/in contact with those training for the same events as you.

You obviously retain access to the facebook group and our community there as well as access to new content/product discounts as I have them for you.

How getting set up will actually work

  1. Complete the form below
  2. I’ll get notified and will send an invite to our FinalSurge team to the email address you use below.
    1. Note: If you don’t have a FinalSurge account – you can create one from the invite link that I send you
    2. Note 2: This is a manual process for me, so I’ll send the invite ASAP from when I receive the notification. In most cases I should be able to do it within an hour – exceptions include when I’m sleeping & driving 🙂
  3. Register/accept via the link you receive from FinalSurge
  4. Navigate to “Training Plans” and apply the training plan to either a start/end date.

Add coaching to your plan