How to train for an Ironman®

(in less than 1 year)

See How

It's quite simple

You just need a formula to follow

The Formula

The formula

Devote the time Eat real/whole food Touch each discipline 2 times/week Rest 1 full day per week Measure your workouts in 'time' not 'distance' Train in strategic phases Enjoy race day

A plan for the plan

Time Required

Time required

A Rules to live by

You'll be training anywhere from 10-25 hours per week depending on your phase of training, so it's important to... 1.) Learn to like waking up early 2.) Utilize your lunch hour for training 3.) Have a regimented post-work routine 4.) Keep promises to your family 5.) Get used to saying "no" to plans

Diet Required

Diet required

Eat for fuel

It's critical to your athletic performance to: 1.) Avoid processed sugar 2.) Eat as many real/whole foods as you can 3.) Shop around the outside of the grocery store 4.) Make meals that are able to be prepped in mass (to save you time during training days)

The Workouts

The workouts

CrossTrain 2x/week

Overall body, leg and core strength is a critical factor in maintaining health and avoiding injury.

Swim Workouts

The workouts

Swim 2x/week

By far the 'scariest' sport for a new triathlete is swimming. Breaking long swims up into tiny 50m/100m sets will let you swim further in training to best prep for that full 2.4 miles.

Bike Workouts

The workouts

Bike 3x/week

The longest part of your race deserves some of the most attention. Short rides, fast rides, & long rides teach you comfort in the saddle.

Run Workouts

The workouts

Run 4x/week

The last sport of the race, the run. Lots of training effort here because here you'll be the most fatigued. Solid training in the run prevents the wheels from coming off on race day.

The Schedule

The schedule

How it all comes together

10 Workouts, 1 Rest day Mon: Rest Tues: Swim/Run Wed: CrossTrain/Brick Thurs: Swim/Bike Fri: CrossTrain/Run Sat: Long Bike Sun: Long Run

The Phases





The phases

4 key training blocks

Acclimation Phase


Getting used to it all

You'll spend the first 10 weeks getting your body used to the training schedule. You can't push yourself if you can't show up to the workouts in the first place!

Base Phase


Building a foundation

Once your body is acclimated to the schedule, youc an move into 10 weeks of building a nice solid foundation of fitness to build on throughout the year.

Build Phase


Steady improvements

Build on your base by increasing your training volume 10-30% over the next 10 weeks to set a new baseline. Prepare yourself for the hard training to come in Peak phase. This is also the perfect time to do an Olympic distance tri.

Peak Phase


Ramp up for race day

This is it! 10 weeks of volume increasing to get to ~90% or so of the distances you'll do on race day. Include a 70.3® Ironman® here for practice. All before you take 2-3 weeks to taper down to low volume to rest up for the big day.

Race Day

Race day(!)

This is it!

At this point, it's a victory lap. 40 weeks of hard work culminating by running down that surreal red carpet. You worked hard, you earned it. You. Are. An Ironman®!

Race Day pt 2

That's it!

Cue awkward photo

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