A lot has happened… so let’s catch up

Some of my last training related posts here were all about trying to achieve that sub 3 hour marathon time at the NJ marathon.

Roughly a month out, after crushing some long runs, like many races around the country, this one too was canceled.


Is about the only way to describe how I felt.

Yes, I know – in comparison to what the world has gone through basically 0 of my feelings about this race matter. I’m aware and aligned to that.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t feel frustration in how much effort I’d put in & how far I’d gotten into my training only to have nothing left to train for.

The cancellation of that race coincided with the beginning of my quarantine & just like for many, things changed.

So it’s been a minute – I’ve been posting a lot of informational and running related content at the request of our members, but wanted to stop and take a moment and share what’s new and up next with me.

Training for something during COVID-19

After NJ was cancelled, I had no upcoming event. So naturally, I didn’t take my own advice and I ended up taking about 12 weeks off of running.

I swapped pounding pavement with short, but intense CrossFit style workouts in my basement that I was able to squeeze in during lunch.

I was still moving – maybe even getting a little stronger, and was happy with that for a time.

Looming in the distance however, is the Patapsco Valley 50k.

31 miles in the woods with a bunch of elevation coming up in 6, 5, soon to be 4 months.

Recently, I dusted off the marathon plan I had used for NJ & started to repurpose it for the 50k.

It won’t be that different, maybe an extra 20 mi run in there and most (if not all) of the long runs done in the park itself (fortunately I live close).

31 miles for 31 years – that’s what I told myself when I signed up at least.

So a few weeks ago, I got back on it. Strava account was dusted off and I was back at it – and still am.

Haven’t yet made it to the woods yet (working on that) but getting back accustom to 6-8 miles easy/fast on the roads to build up a solid base.

We certainly won’t break any world records here – but finishing with friends will make it a good experience overall.

Found some water – went swimming

Pools across the country are closed. At least most of them.

Fortunately enough for me, one near by opened up offering 7 swimmers, twice a week the opportunity to lap swim for an hour.

Naturally, I booked a lane about 23 seconds after receiving notice.

Today, of all days, was my first day back in the water.


Taking time off anything makes it hard to get back in. Taking time off a sport where the penalty is drowning is, well it’s different.

I managed 2k total (lots of small sets, 50s and 100s), and was just thrilled to be outside.

So long as it’s open and the weather is nice (outdoor pool) I’ll be hitting that up – no reason not to really, and it’ll serve as great cross training while pounding out the miles on the other days of the week.

Kudos to Triathlete parents

In November my wife & I were blessed with our first child, a son born just before Thanksgiving.

He’s awesome – the new love of my life.

He also makes training incredibly difficult (lol duh).

So kudos to all of you out there working through your Ironman training plans, marathon plans and the like WHILE ALSO parenting small children.

I officially apologize for all the times I said it’s “just like having a dog” (foot -> mouth).

Doing better with social media (I think?)

Recently I officially launched IG: @jmuskinfit which will contain all of my endurance/triathlon content moving forward. I had been putting some on my personal/private account for a while, but that doesn’t help as much as having one public to the masses.

I’m committed to posting some more short form content, tips, Strava updates, and just interacting at a greater level with those in (and those outside) our community.

Hoping something like class for zoom becomes more widely available to host live training/education sessions, but that’ll be in due time.

So follow along eh? Will be fun to have you all on board.

I think that’s all for now

Until next time folks, keep rockin. This pandemic will end, our races will come back, and we’ll all begin on our journeys once again.

Until then, keep grinding – it’ll be worth it.