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Can you go from couch to marathon in 6 months?

Yes. Many beginners training for a marathon will take 4-6 months to train safely for their first race. Athletes who have (essentially) never run before, will be closer to 6 months, where those with some […]

What Is Heart Rate Training And How To Use It

Heart rate training is simply a training method designed to make the athlete focus on heart rate rather than pace or effort. For example, instead of really focusing on keeping your pace at an 8 […]

The Best Shoes for Marathon Training and Racing

If you’re (seriously) training for a marathon, you’ll ‘need’ at least 3 pairs of shoes. There are thousands of shoe options these days, and while that can be overwhelming, one of the benefits is there […]

1st Place at the Ellicott City 10k: Race Report

I ran 5 miles and I thought I was dying. This was the case 2 days prior to race day on an afternoon jog in 102* heat. My last thought after finishing this benign training […]

The 7 types of runs you should be doing when Marathon or Ironman® training

Ironman® and marathon training involve running. Lots of running. But it’s not just running for running sake – there’s a strategy to it. There are runs designed to increase your aerobic capacity, runs designed to […]

Race Recap: Boston Marathon 2022

It’s a strange thing to be so incredibly disappointed in something that others tell you to be proud of.  And at the same time, experience incredible gratitude for the ability to be feeling disappointed in […]

Worlds End 50k Race Report

Friday, June 4th 2021 – The day before Arrived in World’s End State Park around 7pm, after totally losing cell service at 6:45. Hills that looked like walls towered over both sides of the road, […]

Race Recap: Sub 3 hour Salisbury Marathon 2021 – Boston Qualified!

I wasn’t even supposed to be here. A year ago I was supposed to be in New Jersey. As early as a few weeks ago I was supposed to be in Delaware. Running 26.2 miles […]

“Sometimes you just have to get on the damn plane”

It’s not often I peruse my Linkedin feed. It’s fine, full of decent stories, lots of jargon, and a fair amount of self promotional nonsense. But it is there, and thus, must occasionally be scrolled […]

2020 Races Are Canceled – What’s Next?

Remember March of 2020? Feels like five years ago, and a couple of weeks ago at the same time. Tiger King was what EVERYONE was talking about, and the NBA would be back by May? […]