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Josh Muskin
I've known Kevin for over 14 years and when I decided to run my first stand-alone marathon, he was undoubtably the one I turned to. He worked with me to benchmark my current level of fitness and align a detailed training plan to go along with my Marathon goals (which I crushed by more than 10 minutes). Since then he's helped me train for an even faster marathon, and now a 50k. I'm so excited his plans are now available to the masses, they're really one of a kind.
Gerry M.
I made a choice one day that I was going to take 30 minutes off my marathon time. The problem was, I had no idea how I was going to do that. Enter Josh & Kevin. I found these guys online & their marathon plans got me off my butt put my words to action. It was tough at times, but I stuck to the plan, followed the nutrition advice and not only took 32 minutes off my time (and broke 3:30 for the first time), I lost 12lbs in the process! Couldn't be more thankful for these two.
Jarrett S.
I met Josh & Kevin while training for Ironman Maryland and knew that I was going to struggle with the run. I took pieces of the triathlon plans & marathon plans they offer and they helped me weave them together into the perfect plan for me. I made it through Ironman®, and I ran. the. whole. time. All thanks to these two! I just picked up the sub-3:30 plan and am already shaving seconds off each mile. This is going to be fun!

What you can expect immediately:

Training Resources

Instant access to your training plans, injury prevention routine, meal prep guide, & more - all highly specific to the first time sub-3:30 marathon athlete so you can make fast & sustainable progress.

Community Access

Get invited to an exclusive community made up of hundreds of other experienced and aspiring marathoners on their journey.

Unrivaled Support

This is a long, tough, and worthwhile journey and it is our mission to be with you every step of the way. We're here to support, educate, and train alongside you so you can accomplish your dream time.

Money Back Guarantee

Every single offering, plan and coaching session is backed by a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Seriously.

Wait… Please understand there are no shortcuts or overnight, magic pills in marathon training. We've designed your training plan, but it takes YOU to put in the work.

Break the 3:30 barrier!

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"I've worked to improve my running times every year for the last 20 years, so I know what it's like to chase a new goal."

There are so many plans, so many opinions, and so much complexity out there when it comes to marathon training plans - especially those aiming at sub 3 hours. Some plans just give you distances, others times, but so very few take the time to combine workouts designed to increase speed & strength, increase your ability to recover, and lower your working heart rate all synonymously. I pride myself in how simple & straight forward these plans are, as well as making myself available for not if, but when you have questions along the way. I can't wait to hear your finish line story, so let's get after it!

- Kevin Love, Head Running Coach of JM Fitness, LLC

What to expect in your first 4 weeks of training:

Improved Endurance

Regardless of your starting point, the gradual ramp-up of this training plan will slowly improve your endurance preparing you for the intense training ahead.

Increased Strength

There's an emphasis placed on functional strength training to help improve your bodies ability to recover & sustain the necessary effort run sub-3

Enhanced Mindset

Training for a sub-3:30 marathon feels daunting, that is, until you start. The detailed acclimation phase is built to instill confidence in your ability to (enjoyably) hit your goal.

Discover Food As Fuel

"You can't out-train a bad diet" has never been more true than with a marathon. You'll learn just how easy it is to eat (good and real) food that will help you feel and perform at a high level.

Community Support

With instant access to an exclusive community of your peers - you'll find the support & camaraderie you need to get across the finish line at your fingertips.

Comfort At Speed

For most marathon runners trying to run sub-3, the most daunting part is the pace. This plan works in plenty of specific and targeted speedwork to make a sub 8:00 pace a breeze.
Josh Muskin
I've been in the fitness industry for over a decade & I've never met a coach as dedicated as Kevin to his athletes. I've worked with Kevin for 2 marathons and a 50k, recommended him to other friends/athletes, and in every single case - those he's worked with, have hit their goals.

Your sub-3:30 marathon training plan bundle includes:

The Sub 3:30 Plan Itself

The Sub 3:30 Plan Itself

This training plan breaks down into 4 key phases (Base, Build, Peak and Taper) to make training easy to follow, understand and execute.

Meal Prep Guide

Meal Prep Guide

1 week of whole food recipes (breakfast, lunch & dinner) all made in under 40 minutes. Nutrition guidance on what to eat, and what to avoid for the best possible result.


  • Nutrition Guidance

    What to eat, what to avoid for best possible results

  • Access to Coach Advice

    Kevin is the exclusive admin of the facebook group so that when you have questions – you can get answers along your marathon journey. With this plan, you’re never all on your own.

  • A Variety Of Runs

    Not every run is long and slow. This plan incorporates recovery runs, race pace runs, tempo (faster than race pace) runs, hills, long runs, and more. Keep your training interesting, but also gain strength and speed in the process!

  • Access to our private Facebook community

    You’ll be invited to an exclusive and private facebook group full of people on the exact same journey for you. You can use this group as a source of camaraderie, advice, motivation, AND members of this group also receive exclusive content/recipes, etc. as they are created.

This plan will work for you if...

  • You're gunning for a sub-3:30 for the first time

    If you've broken the 3:30 barrier numerous times - this likely isn't for you. We're dedicated to helping runners get across the finish line safely & enjoyably, and under 3:30. If that's you - you're in the right place.

  • OR you're looking to complete your first marathon at break neck speeds.

    Maybe you've done some fast half marathons or even 10ks but aren't quite sure how to make the jump to the full 26.2. If that's the case, this is for you.

  • You want support throughout your training

    Everyone has questions, everyone needs recommendations on gear, races, training adjustments and alternatives and with our community - you'll have the perfect place to go for all of that and more. Surround yourself with people going through the same journey you are and experience a camaraderie unlike anything else. With us, you're never alone and any answer is just a question away.

  • You're committed to your goals

    Crossing this finish line under 3 hours isn't easy. It takes days, weeks, and months of hard work to get there. If you're committed to getting there, then we're committed to helping you along the way. There are no shortcuts, so don't expect any, but if you're willing to work - you'll be rewarded.

This plan will NOT work for you if...

  • You're looking for gimmicks and shortcuts

    This type of training is hard work. It'll take days of discipline & working out when you simply don't want to in order to get across the finish line. If you're hoping for a magic pill, this isn't it.

  • You aren't willing to do the work

    There are weeks of programmed workouts in this training plan. It requires hard work and dedication to get through them. If you're not committed to doing the work to prepare for race day this plan won't work for you.

  • You can't stick to a structured plan

    There will need to be sacrifices made, happy hours missed, and early alarms accepted. The plan is designed so you can still have a social life, family time, and time with your friends - but it will require sacrifice, and you have to be ok with making those sacrifices for the ultimate goal of sub-3:30.

Also included for FREE...

This Injury Prevention eBook ($37 value) contains simple, and detailed warmup exercises, stretches, and routines designed to keep you healthy!

What if I don't love it?

A 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy for any reason - no questions asked.

Try out the training plan for a month. Book your race, start your training, and get excited.You’ll find that once you get started, even training for something as crazy as an sub-3:30 marathon is easier than you ever imagined.

The small baby steps designed in the plan, along with the injury prevention exercises will help your body change and adapt to the training schedule. You’ll feel stronger, and more motivated than you can even anticipate now.

That said, if you don’t feel like you’re on the way to conquering your first sub-3:30 (or you just don’t like the plan for any reason at all), you can pull the plug on your training at any point within 30 days and I’ll give you a complete and courteous refund.

No hassle, no questions asked, and we’ll still be cool. In fact, you’ll still have my massive respect for giving it a shot. Maybe you’ll even try again someday.

Just imagine that finish line feeling...

You are literally just clicks away from beginning the journey of a life time.

Imagine after months of hard work, jogging down that finish line chute and seeing that clock... 3:XX”.

By now, if you’re anything like the members of our community, you realize the unlimited potential that you possess, and you know all you have to do is take the first step and you’ll be well on your way running sub-3:30. Don’t wait another minute – start your journey now.

Typically this package runs for $185, but you can get your training plan bundle and community access for just $37, that’s 80% off!



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The first step is often the hardest one, but with the right plan, and some dedication it’s important to remember: You can run sub-3:30!