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Ironman FAQ: Common questions about one of the worlds toughest race

How long does it take to do an Ironman? Athletes have 17 hours to complete the Ironman triathlon. Users of our training plan break down like this: The average male completes it in 12.5 hours […]

How do regular people train for an Ironman?

Regular every day people have to make choices (more accurately sacrifices) if they want to train for an Ironman.The main sacrifice is time.An Ironman cutoff is 17 hours. Training for a 17 hour race takes […]

How hard is it to complete an Ironman?

It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. If you break it down by discipline, you have:2:20 to do the swim which is a 2:42/100m paceEven if you max out the swim time, you have another 7:40 […]

What Is Heart Rate Training And How To Use It

Heart rate training is simply a training method designed to make the athlete focus on heart rate rather than pace or effort. For example, instead of really focusing on keeping your pace at an 8 […]

5 things nobody tells you about the Ironman® swim

Many new triathletes all fear the same thing: The swim. While there are plenty of first time triathletes with a swimming background, most have the majority of their experience on the bike or with running. […]

The 7 types of runs you should be doing when Marathon or Ironman® training

Ironman® and marathon training involve running. Lots of running. But it’s not just running for running sake – there’s a strategy to it. There are runs designed to increase your aerobic capacity, runs designed to […]

What Makes A Good Ironman Training Plan?

There are a lot of triathlon and Ironman training plans available on the web. Some are 8 weeks, others 2 years. Some are free, others cost $500. Some have coaches, some do not. But which […]

How to train for an Ironman® triathlon during a nationwide quarantine

We find ourselves in unique times – you’d be hard pressed to find much argument there. With the majority of the country asked to ‘shelter in place’ or limit your travel/errands/etc. Those training for races […]

How long does it take to train for an Ironman?

It takes 6 months to 1 year, depending on your current fitness. Athletes who can on day 1 complete a 70.3 Ironman, can train within 6 months. Athletes who have never done a triathlon or […]

“You’re Insane”

The text says it all. “I’m pretty sure I’ll regret even asking this question.” – Josh Muskin – 10.17.2017 – the guy who started this website, texted me almost exactly THREE YEARS ago, from me […]