Hi friends! My name’s Josh.

I’m a Baltimore native (which naturally makes me a Ravens/Orioles fan) having just recently made the move to the ‘burbs.

I got married on St. Paddy’s day 2017 to my beautiful wife Lori & we still like to talk about it like it happened just last week!

Lori & I have two beautiful (fur)children named Zinnia & Dozer who manage to keep us busy 110% (not a typo) of the time. Sorry.. on that topic I have to go on a small tangent. See this picture? The one of us looking adorable with the dogs next to a Christmas tree? Do you have any idea on this planet(!) how long that picture took to take?

1 hour. That picture took 1 hour. Jeez. Ok.. moving on..

When we’re not running around with the dogs, you can often find us outside, running around, hanging out with our friends, and otherwise finding any excuse we can to have a little fun.

Since 2011, I’ve been working for a small (but not for long) digital marketing agency in the Baltimore agency called WebMechanix (part of what I’ve learned there is the whole reason I made this site anyway :p). I’ve developed a deep infatuation with marketing, advertising, managing people and projects, and looking forward into the future of the internet (hint: it’s gunna be just like Minority Report..).