Is it possible to train for an Ironman in 1 year? Let’s find out.

NOW AVAILABLE: The full 1 year Ironman training plan that I followed! As well as the routine I used every day to prevent running injuries! I’ve made a lot of silly decisions at various different parts of my life. This one though, might just take the cake. I’ve decided committed to completing a full Ironman that […]

I accidentally took a mental health break from work. Here’s what I learned.

Throughout my working career, I’ve always considered a mental health break from work to be “the weekend”. Work really hard for 5 days, rest, relax and recharge for 2. Rinse and repeat. Even when considering typical vacations (weekends at the beach, a week abroad, etc.), I tended to view those as more “opportunities for new […]

Traditional Greek Salad Recipe (Horiatiki Salad)

After having just completed a two week honeymoon in Greece, it’s safe to say that my wife & I are addicted Greek food and found a dire need for a true, traditional Greek salad recipe (also known as Horiatiki salad). We ate these things everywhere. We started our trip in Athens (where we had one […]

Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Simple Oven Baked Eggs

Breakfast is one of those things than can get boring, quickly. Scrambled eggs and bacon, omelet, toast, bagel, blah blah. Why not do something different (and healthy!)? Baked eggs are definitely not amongst the normal breakfast options, and yes, it takes a little bit longer than throwing together “the usual”, but it’s still simple, and […]