Get Your 1 Year Ironman Training Plan eBook

Take a detailed look into a 1 year Ironman training plan. Inside this eBook, you’ll find 36 pages of detailed triathlon workouts, bits of motivation, diet tips and strength training advice.

When I committed to running my first Ironman, I searched all over the internet trying to find a plan that I thought worked well for me. Instead, what I found was a combination of plans that were extremely vague, or very detailed (but only for 6 weeks).

I was coming from a place where I knew I needed a year to train properly, and safely, but that plan simply didn’t exist.

Since I needed a plan that didn’t yet exist, I decided to create one.

A plan created by experts

I sought out experts in the form of collegiate, championship swimmers, USA national team bikers and Boston Marathon running runners.

Combining their expertise, training methodologies and advice with my knowledge of functional movement and strength training, the 1 Year Ironman Training Plan was born.

Throughout the 36 page of this eBook, you’ll learn about mindset, nutrition, strength training, scheduling, rest and recovery. All of which play a crucial role in completing your first Ironman.

The key is remaining injury free

For a limited time, when you purchase this training plan, you’ll also receive (for FREE) a comprehensive guide to avoiding injury during training.

With 2 out of every 3 runners sustaining some type of preventable injury each year, a small amount of specific and proactive effort can keep your training on schedule during your Ironman journey!

Typically when I work with clients, the both the plan I’ve described to you and the injury prevention program are part of a $200/month personal training program, only offered here locally in Baltimore, MD.

However, if you take the first steps in training for an Ironman by purchasing the 1 year training plan, I want to offer you this injury prevention plan in a way that isn’t accessible to anyone else.

The injury prevention routine only takes 15 minutes, and was created specifically for those tackling an Ironman race, in conjunction with a handful of renowned physical therapists at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

3 steps to get started

Purchasing the eBook is as simple as:

  1. Telling us what email you’d like it delivered to
  2. Following the PayPal prompts to complete your purchase
  3. Either: Wait to be directed to a page containing download links for each ebook OR check your email which will contain those same download links sent to the email you enter below.

The first step is often the hardest one, but with the right plan, and some dedication it’s important to remember: You will be an Ironman!

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