Access Your 1 Year Ironman® Training Plan (and more)!

A normal training plan, simply tells you how far to run, swim, and bike.

That might be good enough for some, but most of us need a bit more (I sure did).

What should I eat? How do I avoid injuries? Should I lift weights too? How often? Where can I go for advice?

These were all questions I asked myself before embarking on my own Ironman® journey, and in putting this plan together, I wanted to make sure that not only do you have answers to all these questions – but there’s a community and coach to rely on when you think of others.

This plan is simply more than “how far to run, bike and swim”. It’s access to a full bundle of resources and tools (not to mention access to a community of aspiring Ironman® athletes and Ironman® finishers alike) designed to get you across the finish line safely, and enjoy the journey along the way!

More than ‘just’ a training plan. You get:

  • A detailed training plan broken up into 4 phases
    • Acclimation phase – 10-20 weeks
      (Adjustable based on your current fitness level)
    • Base phase – 10 weeks
    • Build phase – 10 weeks
    • Peak phase – 10 weeks
  • An integrated training log on FinalSurge™ – Available on the web, iOS & Android, you can track, plan, upload and analyze workouts using the FinalSurge platform (more on this below).
  • A 10 week strength training plan – keeping you strong & healthy throughout training
  • Uniquely programmed swim sets – Cover all your bases from long distance, to speed and stroke work designed to make the most nerve-racking portion of the Ironman® race a breeze!
  • Uniquely programmed cross training workouts – Keeping your muscles strong is incredibly important, and this plan includes 60 specific cross training works that can be done anywhere, regardless of what little gym equipment you already have.
  • Access to coaches when you need them – Depending on your level of experience, we have plans for people who are self sufficient, people who need access to coaching a few times a month to make sure they’re on the right track, ask questions, etc., and people who need full, 1:1 dedicated coaching the whole way.
  • Access to our members-only community – Get access to our unique facebook group made up of only folks who are on the same journey as you – following the same plan.
  • Nutrition guidance – what to eat, what to avoid for best possible results
  • A meal prep guide – 1 week of whole food recipes (breakfast, lunch & dinner) all made in under 40 minutes!
  • Race day checklist – This list covers the swim, bike, & run, as well as technology, food and clothing to bring along with you on race day!
  • BONUS #1: An Injury Prevention eBook ($30 value) with detailed warmup exercises, stretches, and routines designed to keep you healthy through the entire training plan!
  • BONUS #2: Integrated Olympic distance and Half Ironman® (70.3®) training plans. Not quite ready for the full 140.6 miles? Or want to make sure you get a few practice races baked in? No problem, this plan includes both an Olympic and Half Ironman® race baked in – so you can get some practice in at shorter distances.

With all of this included, you can see how I could easily ask $200/mo for this package (in fact, there are many out there that do). It would sell at that price. After all, completing an Ironman® consistently ranks near the top of some people’s lifelong bucket lists. For something that important and that involved, $200/mo is a no-brainer.

But you are not going to pay $200/mo. Or even half of that.

No, you’ll get all this for much less.

Your investment for the entire Ironman® training plan is just $27/mo.

Why so low?

It’s because of my first Ironman®. When I think back to that journey… the hard work, the reward, the payoff of all the little things (staying healthy, eating well, etc.) and how simply amazing it all was… it makes me want to make this program available to as many people as possible.

Who is this plan for?

Now, let’s discuss who should use this plan (you expected me to say “everyone!” didn’t you?).

If you’re a super experienced Ironman® who has completed a full Ironman® race in the past, and you’re looking for detailed heart rate exertion charts & high intensity interval training designed to qualify for Kona, this probably isn’t for you.

This plan is tailored specifically for those looking to accomplish their first full Ironman®, regardless of your starting point.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, runner or swimmer, or someone looking to run their first mile on this long journey, this plan can be used, and tailored specifically to you.

This plan was created by experts

I sought out experts in the form of collegiate, championship swimmers, USA national team cyclists and Boston Marathon runners (not to mention Ironman® finishers).

Combining their expertise, training methodologies and advice with my knowledge of functional movement and strength training, the 1 Year Ironman® Training Plan was born.

What started as a 43 page eBook has quickly evolved into an ebook library containing mindset, nutrition, and strength training guides, as well as an interactive training log, community of athletes striving to become Ironman® finishers and access to coaching, when you need it most.

The key is remaining injury free

For a limited time, when you purchase this training plan, you’ll also receive (included for FREE) a comprehensive guide to avoiding injury during training.

With 2 out of every 3 runners sustaining some type of preventable injury each year, a small amount of specific and proactive effort can keep your training on schedule during your Ironman® journey!

Typically when I work with clients, the plan I’ve described to you and the injury prevention program are part of a $400/month personal training program, only offered here locally in Baltimore, MD.

However, if you take the first steps in training for an Ironman® by joining our team, I want to offer you this injury prevention ebook (a $30 value itself) in a way that isn’t accessible to anyone else.

The injury prevention routine only takes 15 minutes, and was created specifically for those tackling an Ironman® race, in conjunction with a handful of renowned physical therapists at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Don’t take my word for it though…

Finding a training plan online is easy, finding someone like Josh and his community is hard.

This plan got me to the start line healthy and ready to race, but his support and the support of this community helped helped get me over the finish line of my first full IRONMAN®. I had the smoothest day possible and finished on my first try, right on target. For anyone looking to tackle this seemingly huge endeavor, there’s no better place than to start here!

– Jarrett S. IRONMAN® Maryland


Thanks Josh for guiding me to my first full IRONMAN®! The tough course of IRONMAN® Canada couldn’t have been tackled without you and this community. Starting with almost no endurance sport experience, your program fit perfectly in getting me to the full distance safely without any major injury! From warm ups and stretches to the incredible community you’ve built, this plan has it all covered!

I never knew if I could finish an IRONMAN® in a year and this plan and community is what did it for me. It was challenging, and more importantly, it worked!

– Matt M. IRONMAN® Canada


This really is a one of a kind community. I can’t thank Josh & the team enough. Not only did he put together a training plan that I could fit into my lifestyle, but he (and all the other members) were there to help me every single step of the way.

If you have a question, it gets answered. If you’re feeling down, you get motivated. If you need advice on how to work around an injury or life event, you’re covered too. There’s simply no way I make it across that finish line without this team. THANK YOU!

– Jennifer S. IRONMAN® Florida

Access your plan, wherever you go with FinalSurge™

We partnered with FinalSurge™ (a platform available on the web, iOS and Android devices) to deliver the plan.

It has allowed us to build out the Ironman® Training Plan in great detail – and put it in a place where you can access it on the go.

When building out the platform, we focused on 3 main goals:

  1. On-the-go access to the plan
  2. Additional workout detail and workout types (tempo, interval, etc.)
  3. Ability to get feedback at the workout level

FinalSurge exists both at and as a native app to iOS & Android – meaning, you can access the plan from just about anywhere that you have internet.

The plan will be pre-populated into a calendar for you based on either an end date (likely the date of your race) or a start date.

After inputting either of those, your calendar gets filled out with all 400+ workouts/notes at their appropriate times:

Need to move a workout around? No problem – it’s as simple as clicking & dragging to another day/time – making rescheduling a thing or two very easy.

The app also displays your days/workouts in a calendar fashion – as shown below:

Detailed notes to give you better workouts

For many folks, simple time and distance measurements for the workouts is just fine.

Even so, we wanted to add more.

With that goal in mind, we added specific workout notes to all 400+ workouts across the plan (including some notes at the beginning of each phase).

For example, there have been different types of workouts introduced like tempo runs, interval bikes, etc. All of which contain notes such as the ones shown below:

We also noted target RPE (rate of perceived exertion) to give you a sense of how hard you should be working.

RPE 1 = sitting on the couch, RPE 10 = hyperventilating after a full out sprint.

This can give you a sense of how fast/hard you should go on any given workout to get the proper training stimulus.

Get feedback from coaches at the workout level

I have to admit, this might be my favorite part of the app.

When you record an activity (swim, run, bike) there is a portion within the app/web login where you can comment on that workout.

For example, you could say “wow, this felt much harder than I thought… I wonder why that would be? Had a hard time controlling my heart rate”.

That comment – triggers a notification to me – where I can click through, see your comment, and your workout data, and relay an answer such as “Looks like you attacked the flats right after some hard hills a little too hard. Use those segments to rest/relax and pull your pulse rate back down – that way you can reset and be ready for the next one”.

The notifications of comments get pushed directly to your phone (if you have the app installed) and can be emailed to you via the webapp if you’d prefer.

That way we don’t miss a beat.

2 steps to gain unlimited resource & community access

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Check your email!
    1. You’ll be directed to your login and our assets immediately after registering. Shortly thereafter you’ll also receive your invites to our members-only community and FinalSurge™ team.

This membership grants you a login where you can view our ever-growing content library, and manage your subscription/payment method at any time.

There’s no long term commitment here, if this isn’t what you hoped, just cancel – no questions asked.

Remember, you get:

  • Unlimited access to our entire resource library (original training plan ebooks, meal prep guide, injury prevention guide, etc.)
  • Full & half Ironman® plans through FinalSurge
  • Access to the workout-specific-coaching features.
  • Access to the members-only facebook group and our community there
  • Access to new content/product discounts as they become available.

I’ll be here to personally help you through the onboarding process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The first step is often the hardest one, but with the right plan, and some dedication it’s important to remember: You will be an Ironman®!

Start your Ironman® journey today

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“What if I don’t love it?”

Try out the plan for a month. Book your Ironman®, start your training, and get excited. You’ll find that once you get started, even training for something as crazy as an Ironman® is easier than you ever imagined.

The small baby steps designed in the plan, along with the injury prevention exercises will help your body change and adapt to the 3 sports, the training schedule, etc. You’ll feel stronger, and more motivated than you can even anticipate now.

That said, if you don’t feel like you’re on the way to conquering your first Ironman® (or you just don’t like the plan and community for any reason at all), you can pull the plug on your training at any point within 30 days and I’ll give you a complete and courteous refund.

No hassle, no questions asked, and we’ll still be cool. In fact, you’ll still have my massive respect for giving it a shot. Maybe you’ll even try again someday.