Never stop until you get home – an inspirational story w/ Brian Johnson | Tri Journey Podcast Ep2

When Jack, a father figure diagnosed with MS after his first two Ironman races called up Brian and asked him to join him for Ironman Tulsa in 2020, there was only one answer: See you at the starting line.

Brian was gracious enough to sit down with me for about an hour and share his story. One that starts with “there’s not an athletic bone in my body” and eventually tells a story of life changing events, ever changing perspective, and the idea of simply never stopping until you get back home. No matter the challenges faced, keep pushing, keep your promises, stay disciplined, and make your way to the finish line, wherever that may be.

We talk about Brian’s relationship with Jack, overcoming trips to the hospital, Jameson Whiskey, and other fun anecdotes about his current Ironman training. It was a blast to record, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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