Running and Marathon Coach – Kevin Love


A simple concept, often misconstrued with a simple activity.

For years we’ve been offering training plans for Ironman Triathlons and recently, in partnering with a good friend (and accomplished runner) we’re now able to offer advanced training for Marathoners.

Who is Kevin Love?

Kevin was brought on to the Josh Muskin Fitness team in mid 2019 to help guide runners whether just starting out with your first 5k or going after a Boston Qualifying Marathon.

While Kevin is relatively new to our team, he’s been running (and coaching others) for the better part of 20 years.

Kevin is a Boston Marathon Qualifier, 4:15 miler, & accomplished collegiate middle distance runner who took his talents to the marathon stage.

I’ve personally know, and have worked with Kevin over the years on my own running – and I’m thrilled to introduce him to you.

Plans and help designed for any experience level

Whether this is your first marathon ever, or you’re looking to break the 3:00 mark, we got you covered.

The needs of an olympian and a first timer vary only by intensity, not kind.

Whether you’re just looking for some advice on a consultation call, need a custom plan, or want that high touch coaching experience, we can make it happen & help guarantee that your training experience is as prefect as it can be.

How will you talk to your coach?

Really, whatever is best for you:

  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Text
  • FaceTime
  • Within the FinalSurge™ app itself (more on that below)

All have a 24 hour response period, which is really just a safe bet, 90%+ of the time, you get an answer within an hour, if not minutes.

Just send a question when you have it, and get an answer.

We didn’t want this to be any more complicated than that!

Kevin, myself and the team will be here for you for whatever you need, when you need it, to help make your unique running journey special, and most importantly, successful!

To help make coaching more impactful, we’ve partnered with FinalSurge™

FinalSurge is a platform available on the web, iOS and Android devices.

It has allowed us to build out countless custom training plans in great detail – and put it in a place where you can access it on the go.

We focused on 3 main items when considering this partnership:

  1. On-the-go access to the plan
  2. High level of workout detail and workout types (tempo, interval, etc.)
  3. Ability to get coaching & feedback at the workout level

Access the plan wherever you go

FinalSurge exists both at and as a native app to iOS & Android – meaning, you can access the plan from just about anywhere that you have internet.

The plan will be pre-populated into a calendar for you based on either an end date (likely the date of your race) or a start date.

After inputting either of those, your calendar gets filled out with all of your workouts, notes, and target times (sample from our Ironman plan below):

Need to move a workout around? No problem – it’s as simple as clicking & dragging to another day/time – making rescheduling a thing or two very easy.

The app also displays your days/workouts in a calendar fashion – as shown below:

More detail to give you better workouts

For many folks, simple time and distance measurements for the workouts is just fine.

But for those with serious Marathon goals, it’s important to have more.

For example, when viewing an individual run in your plan, you will be able to see notes & target times, efforts, etc. in the format below:

Get feedback at the workout level

I have to admit, this might be our favorite part of the app, and the main reason we chose to pair it with tailored training plans and 1:1 coaching.

When you record run there is a portion within the app/web login where you can comment on that workout.

For example, you could say “wow, this felt much harder than I thought… I wonder why that would be? Had a hard time controlling my heart rate”.

That comment – triggers a notification to us – where we can click through, see your comment, and your workout data, and relay an answer such as “Looks like you attacked the flats right after some hard hills a little too hard. Use those segments to rest/relax and pull your pulse rate back down – that way you can reset and be ready for the next one”.

The notifications of comments get pushed directly to your phone (if you have the app installed) and can be emailed to you via the webapp if you’d prefer.

That way we don’t miss a beat.

“What if I don’t love it?”

There’s absolutely no long term commitment required.

If you find that our plans and coaching aren’t for you – for any reason whatsoever – cancel whenever you’d like.

No contracts, no hidden nonsense, no smoke & mirrors.

If you like it (and we’re confident you will) – then great. If it’s simply not for you, that’s ok too!

We’re here for you either way

Coaching consult call
$75 / one-time
For the athlete who needs advice & guidance with no longer commitment.
30 minute consultation call
Discuss & set specific goals
Coupon: 1 month free coaching
No commitment required
Tailored Training Plan
$27 / month
For athletes looking for the ultimate plan for their "A" race.
FREE 30 minute on-boarding call
Customized training plan
Bi-weekly coaching access via email
Training plan built in FinalSurge™
1:1 Personal Coaching
$47 / month
For the athlete looking to make the most out of their experience.
FREE 30 minute on-boarding call
Everything in Tailored Training Plan +
Unlimited access to your coach
Early access to new plans & resources