Welcome Kevin Love to the team!

Hey all, I am SUPER excited to announce a new addition to our coaching team.

Kevin Love is a dear friend and accomplished runner who will be taking up the reins of our newly formed Marathon coaching programs (which you can check out here).

Without further ado – I pass the mic onto him for a little self introduction:

Hey everyone!

My name is Kevin Love, (no not the basketball player.. he is slightly taller.) I am 30 something, former collegiate cross country and track runner, and nationally ranked cyclist.

Success and Burn Out
After college I took some time off from running to focus on my career. While I would still run the occasional race, the burn out from being a collegiate runner was very real, and I had to take time off from the day in day out grind of training, and I dove head first into the tough, physical hours of the hospitality world, and it was tough to consistently run and train.

As I began to grow into my career, I found myself back running more and more. Not just my for physical health, but  for my mental as well. When Josh told me he was going to do an Ironman in the winter of 2018, I thought he was absolutely insane. Turns out he was serious – I let out a comical, “Ok, have fun Josh!” as I passed along all the extent of my running and cycling knowledge I have. He took what I gave him and he literally ran with it, as he completed his Ironman, in September of 2018! (Listen to our podcast episode here where we pass along simple easy to do techniques and tips to help runners and cyclists training across all distances.)

The Return
After watching his Ironman process I was downright impressed, and inspired. I was back in. I started setting new goals,  and developing plans to meet them. Slowly but surely I trained day in and day out. I recently ran my first marathon attempt, the Philadelphia Marathon, and I am proud to have run a Boston Qualifying Marathon time.

(My training plan that I wrote for my BQ is now listed on this website here! Many have already downloaded and had success with it!)

While posting about my journey throughout my marathon process on instagram, I found more and more people reaching out to me directly asking for advice, training plans, and coaching. Now Josh and I want to offer that this to everyone!

“Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” —Oprah Winfrey
Over the years throughout my running and cycling career I have at least 1,000 races under my belt including countless 100 meter dashes, road cycling races, the marathon and everything in between. I have had some incredible highs and brutal lows. I have had too many coaches to count in college, and I have injured almost everything.. It happens.

Looking back, all those tough times have expanded my knowledge and it has helped me build up a variety of techniques and processes that work across multiple disciplines. I can now pass along  my experience of trials, and successes to you!

I’ll be also be posting blog posts with specific techniques, advice, and some with more on my background as a runner and cyclist. Feel free to follow along with me on IG @Kev_Love_ (Fair warning a lot of it is my dog..)

Whether you are looking to take your marathon to the next level, or go after a local 10k, Josh and I are here to help you complete your goal, and stay healthy doing it. We offer a variety of different plans and levels of coaching to help find the best fit for you.

Have any questions? Reach out! I am happy to answer and guide you in the right direction.

– Kevin