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A lot has happened… so let’s catch up

Some of my last training related posts here were all about trying to achieve that sub 3 hour marathon time at the NJ marathon. Roughly a month out, after crushing some long runs, like many […]

My Quarantine Ultra Marathon and Searching for my ‘Why?’ – Kevin Love

This is Very Bad Idea.  (Aren’t those usually the best ideas) It’s April 24th at 9:31PM. We’re now a little over a month into the quarantine in my home town of Philadelphia. In early April […]

Tips for Running & Staying Healthy in a Covid World

Is it safe to run outside right now? The short answer, even if you’re in a “Shelter in Place,” situation, is yes. It is even recommended by government officials and doctors to keep us moving. […]

Welcome Kevin Love to the team!

Hey all, I am SUPER excited to announce a new addition to our coaching team. Kevin Love is a dear friend and accomplished runner who will be taking up the reins of our newly formed […]

8 hip stretches for runners that’ll transform your training

I’ve been working with Robert Connors of Signum Training and Nutrition for a few years now and the other day we were complaining about tight hips (typical fitness nut small talk) to one another. Naturally, […]

Sub 3 hour marathon training: 2nd attempt

My first attempt at running a sub 3 hour marathon back on October 19th in Baltimore didn’t pan out. I ended up running a ~3:21 per the course clock (26.65 miles) and a 3:18 per […]

4 things I learned from failing to qualify for Boston in Baltimore

Well, I tried. I tried to qualify for Boston by running a sub-3 hour marathon during the Baltimore Running Festival, and I gave myself 13 weeks to do it. All things considered, those are not […]

11 Weeks of Sub 3 Hour Marathon Training: Time To Taper

Well, the hardest part is over. 8 straight weeks of 2 mile increases on the long runs peaked this past Sunday with a 20 miler (that I’m happy to say went WAY better than the […]

How to immediately start running & cycling faster (without working harder)

We all want this. We all want the ability to simply speed up our paces to run & cycle faster (and reduce the chance for injury in the process). Even more, especially if you’re already […]

8 Weeks of Sub 3 Hour Marathon Training: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I’ll cut to the chase with this post – sometimes, training is just hard. Not every session is perfect, some are downright bad, and not every one of them even happens. It’s something I learned […]