Roll an ankle, complete an Ironman | Tri Journey Podcast Ep4

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Justin Nothem.

Justin was one of the founding members of our community – joining back in the very beginning of 2019. He had his sights set on Ironman Wisconsin and while everyone hopes for a smooth journey, his was anything but.

The title of this podcast says it all. With just 48 hours until Justin was to toe the starting line, he was carrying his bike to transition when he rolled his ankle. Not really the thing you want to do before embarking on a 140.6 mile race.

The crazy thing? That’s not even the craziest thing we talk about.

We talk spontaneous 100mi bike rides, getting stuck in a lightning storm, live streaming on Facebook, among other things – but one of my favorite portions of this podcast, is when Justin defined for himself, that he was going to be an Ironman.

It suddenly wasn’t an “if”, but an inevitable.

Take a listen, and remember – you can push through anything in your way – even a rolled ankle on race weekend.