Is it possible to train for an Ironman in 1 year? Let’s find out.

UPDATE: The full 1 year Ironman training plan that I followed is now available! I’ve made a lot of silly decisions at various different parts of my life. This one though, might just take the cake. I’ve decided committed to completing a full Ironman that is scheduled for less than 1 year from now. The question […]

A CrossFit Weightlifting Program, What I Learned After 6 Months

On Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, I stopped CrossFitting. After just completing a weekend of CrossFit competition at the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (affectionately referred to as “The MAAC”), I chose to shift my focus for a little while & “see how strong I could get” in 6 months. Starting April 11th, I began only following a […]