After years of competitive sports, here’s why I chose CrossFit®

I’ve been a competitive athlete my entire life. After graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in 2010 & leaving collegiate Lacrosse behind for good, I began to see a decline in my motivation to work out. My sessions in the gym got shorter, less productive, and eventually I was just “going through the motions”. I simply wasn’t challenged or motivated to work towards any sort of goal.

In the winter of 2012 I began to dabble with CrossFit workouts at my local globo gym (yes, I got an insane amount of side-eye thrown my way). The workouts (WODs) I chose were short (so I didn’t get too much side-eye..), intense (which is how they became short) and I wanted more. Shortly thereafter, I thought, “instead of doing all of these high intensity workouts in a cramped space in the corner of the gym where I’m judged to hell and back by the dude with no calves curling in the squat rack… why not see what this CrossFit “box” thing was all about?”.

I decided to officially give it a shot

I dropped in at PUSH511 in Canton, Baltimore in January of 2013 and before even beginning the workout, I knew I’d be joining. The community’s overwhelming friendliness to a complete and utter stranger gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort and motivation. I mean really, I hadn’t been in the gym more than 25 minutes and I had already learned 2,523 ways I could improve my movement patters, the top 5 foods I needed to stop eating so I could make my 5th ab into abs 5 AND 6, and I still hadn’t even begun exploring CrossFit’s weightlifting category.

That was definitely something I would never get anywhere else.

I suddenly felt a part of something again, something that would lay out goals, challenge me and help me push myself to boundaries I had yet to explore.

So I joined, I chose CrossFit® for my next adventure, locked in for 12 months after 1 hour.

I began by simply showing up, doing the workout on the board, and going home. But it wasn’t long until I wanted to put my skills to the test against people from other gyms.

Shortly after joining PUSH511, I began competing, and filling the void for the lost competitive sport I had been struggling with for several years. In the last 5 years, I’ve probably competed 20 times, each a little bit more fun than the last.

I still train, I still compete, I still feel an unwavering drive to better myself & better our community through CrossFit. In January of 2013 I made the choice to try something unfamiliar, something challenging, and after that first session… you could say the rest is history.

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