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5 tips on choosing your first IRONMAN® race

There are dozens and dozens of Ironman® races that take place in countries all over the world. Some are in small towns, other in big cities. Some on flat land, others on ski resorts. Then […]

8 hip stretches for runners that’ll transform your training

I’ve been working with Robert Connors of Signum Training and Nutrition for a few years now and the other day we were complaining about tight hips (typical fitness nut small talk) to one another. Naturally, […]

5 tips to enjoy your first Ironman® triathlon

Your first Ironman®, sprint tri, or any race can bring with it a lot of feelings of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and countless other emotions. While that’s all completely and 100% normal, it’s important to remember […]

4 ways to immediately improve your Ironman swim training

Swimming is a lot like golf (stay with me…). Just about anyone can give it a shot. Chances are, the first time you try it – you’re not going to be very good, but with […]

How to immediately start running & cycling faster (without working harder)

We all want this. We all want the ability to simply speed up our paces to run & cycle faster (and reduce the chance for injury in the process). Even more, especially if you’re already […]

The Best Triathlon Gear For Beginners: The Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve decided to train for your first Ironman, there’s a strong chance you’ve quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of gear that you’ll need. It’s not as simple as grabbing some shoes, borrowing a […]

The Top 5 Nutrition FAQs From First Time Ironman Athletes

Training for an Ironman can be a pretty overwhelming activity. Not only are you looking to master swimming, biking and running(!), you need to learn about nutrition, fueling, equipment, and about one million other things. The […]

Podcast Interview: Tackling a Triathlon with No Experience

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tyler O’Shea, the man behind JokerMag, to discuss what it was like tackling an Ironman in less than a year with little (i.e. […]

Yes, You Can Do An IRONMAN (but read this first)

The Ironman triathlon is widely considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. It strikes fear in the hearts of the ordinary man (or woman), but as someone considering tackling such an […]

Ironman Training: Indoor cycling vs outdoor cycling, which is better?

The longest portion of any Ironman race (or triathlon for that matter) takes place on the bike. In some cases, (including for me when I completed Ironman Maryland last September) it’s more than half the total […]