Is it possible to train for an Ironman in 1 year? Let’s find out.

NOW AVAILABLE: The full 1 year Ironman training plan that I followed! As well as the routine I used every day to prevent running injuries! I’ve made a lot of silly decisions at various different parts of my life. This one though, might just take the cake. I’ve decided committed to completing a full Ironman that […]

I accidentally took a mental health break from work. Here’s what I learned.

Throughout my working career, I’ve always considered a mental health break from work to be “the weekend”. Work really hard for 5 days, rest, relax and recharge for 2. Rinse and repeat. Even when considering typical vacations (weekends at the beach, a week abroad, etc.), I tended to view those as more “opportunities for new […]

Traditional Greek Salad Recipe (Horiatiki Salad)

After having just completed a two week honeymoon in Greece, it’s safe to say that my wife & I are addicted Greek food and found a dire need for a true, traditional Greek salad recipe (also known as Horiatiki salad). We ate these things everywhere. We started our trip in Athens (where we had one […]